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It's explained in the following journal:…

I need help to keep CGL going...

Otherwise, the group will stagnate or even be forced to close.

If you really want to help, please, contact me.

As requested by :iconaoi-ryu:, I'm posting this pimpage.

Please give it a look and join!


My group :icondragongirls-club: is holding a contest and I was wondering if you guys would be willing to help out by advertising it. I'd be more than happy to return the favor. ^_^

Theme: Nature
Deadline: October 30th
More Info Here:…




As I said in previous journal, we need a club mascowt (thanks for thisStrangerataru) XD

I suggested Lindsay Cowie to be our club representative, be to be fair, I am opening this to discussion.

Is Lindsay a good Cowgirl to be our mascowt? Do you have another suggestions?
If you people remember, once I made a contest to choose a club mascot that resulted in failure... ^^;;;;
If no one manifest, I'll make my own choices....

Also I need a Favor

Well... I know this has nothing to do with cowgirls but my OC Risew is participating a contest.
If anyone is kind enough to vote for her I'll be very grateful. ^^;…
It's been a long time (again) since I got some time to write to our CGLovers.

These are not happy times indeed as we lost our co-founder and the person most dedicated to this group.
LindsayPL is a great friend a her presence in the group will be missed and you will feel it, as this absent guy here is too lazy/messed/troubled/depressed/busy to keep things running around here. ^^;

As some may know too, my friend left the fandom to join a more happier and well accepted group. You also may know Lindsay Cowie is now under my guard and I will take care so she isn't forgotten.

I know many of you love her too.

So I was wondering... Or group always needed a mascot or a cowgirl to represent it and as she is one lovely cowgirl what you people think in making her our symbol?

Well... Concluding this, I wish we had more presence in the group. I am deeply sorry for the lack of fun events here to make this group really interesting.

Hope to see some answers to this! ÒwÓ

Being absent,
Don't worry! I'm leaving you just for one week! :) I'm a Brony, so I go to the biggest Ponymeet in Poland, so I won't be able to help there.
This is my 1st pause, next will be somewhere from 30.07 to 11-12.08.
I love holidays!


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